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Customer case study

The Problem

Digital ISP company with a high-growth ISP that became the social engineering and credential stuffing attack target. This resulted in changing the plans, added credit to the operators, and disrupted the ISP users by locking users by the attacks.

The Solution

ISP needed to adopt a solution that could identify and reduce the number of fraudulent authentication to its web application and keep the user experience at its best. And put this process on autopilot to reduce the support strain. That's why ISP chose to integrate the Authsafe risk-based authentication solution in the ISP application. The primary goal was to allow login to trusted users without friction. For suspicious user authentication elevated with additional login challenge.



Reduced strain on server usage and IT support ticket


Reduction in Account takeovers


Users with frictionless authentication


False positive rate




Improved user customer experience


AuthSafe High accuracy on device detection

High accuracy on device detection

High precision on identifying the sign of account takeover (ATO) and labeling suspicious devices or compromised device.

AuthSafe Accurate risk score calculations

Accurate risk score calculations

Cognitive engine build the risk score for registered device and assign the accurate score based on the signals.

Real time analytics and risk signal verdicts

Real time analytics and risk signal verdicts

All the verdicts shared via webhooks are realtime with no delay.


Reduction in business risk exposure using Authsafe cognitive engine

With powerful ATO signals assessed cognitive engine to build risk score.

AuthSafe Credential Stuffing

Credential Stuffing

AuthSafe Bruteforce


AuthSafe Fast Travel

Fast Travel

AuthSafe New Device and location

New Device and location

AuthSafe Multiple user login using one device

Multiple user login using one device

AuthSafe Malicious Bot

Malicious Bot

AuthSafe Suspicious User behaviour for POST ATO

Suspicious User behaviour for POST ATO

AuthSafe Malicious IP Profiling

Malicious IP Profiling

There more than 25+ Signals assessed by AuthSafe Cognitive engine

Recovering compromised process is autopilot using the AuthSafe webhooks. Recovery workflow gets initiated and User will be notified using various trusted routes

How it happens

Device verification using device management page

Real time recovery notification using webhooks

Simple, Clear Pricing

  • No setup fees
  • No support fees
  • Pay-as-you-go

End to end automated Identity Protection

$59.99 USD

Included monthly usage 1001 MAU

  • Full Edition
  • End to end automated Identity Protection
  • Account Takeover Prevention
  • Malicious Bot Detection
  • Real-time Data analysis
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Automated workflows(Webhook)
  • Device Management
  • Email & chat support
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Custom integrations
  • REST API & Webhooks
  • 1001/MAU/59.99 USD