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AuthSafe Cognitive Engine Helps End-users, Protecting from Online Fraud Attacks

The cognitive engine’s model gets trained from end-users, separates good users & bad users, and provides real-time solutions to detect and prevent online fraud attacks.

Credential Stuffing

Most account takeovers today stem from credential stuffing, where an attacker rotates through lists of leaked credentials, probing for ones that work. AuthSafe identifies the source signature of an attack in real time, blocking malicious login attempts even when the credentials were valid.

New Account Fraud (Coming Soon)

Cybercriminals are utilizing different procedures for the new account frauds, including taking over existing identities or making engineered ones. With AuthSafe, any such exploit can be uncovered and confined.

Fast Travel detection

This recognition detects two client activities during single or multiple sessions starting from geologically far-off areas within a select time frame more limited than the time it would have taken the client to go from the primary area to the second, showing that an alternate client or different person is utilizing the exact same credentials.

Bot Detection (Coming Soon)

Attackers will station bots to hack into clients' accounts. The bots can connect to some obvious usernames and passwords to perform high-volume, quick assaults and take control over the accounts, all the while remaining stowed away from prompt view. This is where Authsafe steps in. Regardless of whether at the login, registration or anyplace within the application, Authsafe can screen any key events of the users to sift through the good and bad bots.

New Device & Location Detection

New device or location recognition could come in handy against account takeover frauds. The new device and location detection feature of AuthSafe facilitates the identification of login access from devices and locations that are foreign. Without authentication, this restricts any further operations on the account.

Brute Force

A brute-force attack comprises of any hacker submitting en number of credentials hoping to gain access to the user account eventually. AuthSafe restricts the number of attempts making it hard for the hacker to gain the account credentials.

Suspicious Behaviour

Every user has specific virtual behavior. Monitoring the users’ behavior is the key. Any astounding blend of activities that haven’t been seen previously. AuthSafe instantly recognizes any suspicious or skeptical user activity such as flow constraint or multiple login attempts. This impedes any subsequent pursuits.

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